Like aircraft, all pilots are not the same.  MARC pilots are carefully selected for their background, safety record, and experience in data aquisition projects. Our professional pilots all hold a minimum of an FAA Commercial pilots license with appropriate instrument and equipment ratings.

Experience Counts

Our pilots have accumulated flight time in excess of 75,000 hours. All our pilots have numerous years of GIS data acquisition experience.


Marc, Inc. provides aircraft and pilots for flight operations anywhere in the world.  We pride ourselves in our customer relationships.  Over the years we have provided specialized aircraft for:

  • U.S. federal government agencies
  • State governments
  • Foreign governments
  • Private mapping firms
  • Oil, gas and utility companies
  • Civil engineering firms
  • Universities


John Bell Williams Airport - KJVW, 4090 Airport Road, Bolton, MS 39041 | 601-857-8177 |